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Tiffany & Co Fine Designer Jewelry

Why We Love Tiffany & Co. Designer Jewelry

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If there is any brand on the planet synonymous with the designer jewelry itself, it is Tiffany & Co. It is one of the most popular and well-reputed jewelry brands globally and plays in the league of Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpel, Bulgari and some other luxury brands.

People love Tiffany for more than one reason, but their jewelry line is the major attraction for them. The brand has defined elegance and style in the jewelry industry for decades, which has earned the position where it finds itself today.

An Incredible Story

The story of Tiffany & Co. starts in 1837 when Charles Lewis Tiffany opened a small stationery and fancy goods store in New York City. However, his approach to jewelry was American and opposed the Victorian-era grandeur.

On his journey to the top, Tiffany expanded and bought one-third of the French crown jewels. He enamored diamonds and worked on them consistently throughout his life. The Tiffany brand has introduced multiple undiscovered gems and unique designs throughout its history. Their latest ones are presented in the Tiffany T collection, which pays a tribute to its dear founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, in a stunning manner.

Capturing Hearts through Natural Beauty

One of the many reasons for Tiffany's impressive success is its philosophy of appreciating natural beauty. Instead of replacing it with something artificial, Tiffany has enhanced it by adding elements that empower natural appeal instead of diminishing it. This philosophy of natural beauty has always guided their design.

It led to the creation of a beautiful line of engagement rings that Tiffany is famously known for. They aim for the natural beauty of the diamond to be on full display instead of a complex decor hindering it.

This design approach helps the diamond ring beautifully reflect light, which makes it appealing from various angles. It is such an influential design aspect that other brands have followed it. Tiffany single-handedly set the standard for engagement and wedding rings in the industry, which continues to this day.

Gorgeous Tiffany Rings

Women all over the world recognize Tiffany’s unique blue jewelry boxes and love them. It quickly became a must have among women, even beyond engagement rings. One of the must-haves, the Tiffany T Square Wrap Ring, is a wonderful example of Tiffany’s philosophy. A leading style in the TIffany T collection,  the Tiffany Wrap Ring tells an enigmatic tale as it mixes complexity with simplicity.

The angles are geometric and complex but the lines are clean and simple, making for an amazing symmetry. The “T” on the ring is elevated in appearance by using top quality brilliant diamonds. The ring is made from 18k rose gold. At $2300 it is a bit expensive, but Trejours has you covered. You can borrow it from Trejours today for just $16.75 per day for you to wear for a whole week.

Another stunner on this list is Tiffany’s HardWear Ball Ring. It is a simple, yet appealing design, capturing modernity with perfection. It is subversive and bold, representing the spirit of New York City’s women. It is entirely made from 18k yellow gold with a gorgeous and solid ball on top. Borrow it for just $13.75 per day from Trejours and experience the modern heritage.

If one T isn’t enough for you, Tiffany has a ring with two of them, the Tiffany T Wire Ring. A poetic love story of the two T’s that occupy each side of the ring, trying to meet in the center, but never able to do so. Both T’s have six gorgeous diamonds lining them each. If you cannot resist the appeal, Trejours can satiate your thirst for luxury for just $17.95 per day.

Want something different? Tiffany has the True Diamond Link Ring for you in the store. It is part of the T collection but takes a slightly different approach than its peers, featuring a stunning diamond. If you have your eyes on this beautiful piece, instead of paying $1200, which is its full price, borrow it from Trejours today for just $14.85 per day – a sweet deal indeed!

Stunning Tiffany Bracelets

Tiffany makes stunning bracelets in multiple styles. They have various bracelet collections representing timeless elegance and supreme craftsmanship, including Tiffany T, Tiffany HardWear, Tiffany Keys, among others.

Precious metals and gems are used in these bracelets, making them premium and luxurious. One example of this craftsmanship is the Tiffany T Wire Diamond Bracelet. It is the epitome of Tiffany's design philosophy, blending the simple and the complex effortlessly.

The bracelet is elegant and timeless, perfectly representing Tiffany's design philosophy. It is made of 18k yellow gold with diamonds lining up the T's on both sides. For many, it is simply not attainable because of its high price of $3300. However, Trejours rents it to you for just $175.95 per day. It means you can experience luxury without the high price to pay.

Bold Tiffany Earrings

Earrings have always been an impressive and attractive addition to your attire. They go with all types of outfits and elevate your fashion sense. And , who knows that better than Tiffany & Co, the pioneers of designer jewelry? Tiffany has always provided a variety of exquisite earrings styles to its customers, in multiple timeless collections.

Whether you like classic designs or a modern touch, Tiffany has it all. You get to make your own rules with Tiffany as the freedom and choice in designs is limitless, from studs to hoops to elegant drop earrings.

Take a look at the Tiffany HardWear Link Earrings from the Tiffany HardWear collection. The collection itself represents the lively and spirited women of New York City, and these earrings convey that message in a beautiful way.

Subversive, modern, and bold, these earrings are the best addition to a confident woman's outfit. The iconic gauge links on these earrings are a treat to see. Made from 18k yellow gold, there are no stones here to give the earrings a streamlined and smooth appearance. The gigantic price tag of $4300 can be countered by borrowing from Trejours, with an impressive daily rent price of just $18.55.

Borrow Your Tiffany Jewelry Today

No matter what the occasion, Trejours is always ready to help you prepare for it through its affordable designer jewelry prices. No need to worry about prices of your favorite designer jewelry anymore, as Trejours makes it accessible. So, don't wait anymore and visit Trejours to rent Tiffany jewelry online today.

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