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Different necklaces to wear with different necklines

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Choosing the right necklace to complement your outfit is an art, and understanding how different necklaces pair with various necklines is crucial. In this fashion guide, we will explore the perfect necklace options for specific necklines, helping you elevate your style effortlessly.

Lariat Necklaces for V-Shaped Necklines

V-necklines are elegant and flattering, creating a beautiful frame for your neck and décolletage. To enhance this style, opt for lariat necklaces. The elongated design of lariat necklaces perfectly complements the V-shaped neckline, creating a seamless and sophisticated look. Whether you're dressing up for a dinner date or a special occasion, a lariat necklace effortlessly adds a touch of glamour.

A great way to try this style of necklace is by renting different pieces for a week from Trejours. You can try a red carpet worthy sapphire and diamonds necklace and feel like a Duchess or a Hollywood star (who, by the way, borrow their jewelry for every special event) Another look to try is a versatile cultured pearl necklace, which would go beautifully with something classy as a Channel top.

Tennis Necklaces for Classic Round or Boat Necklines

A classic round or boat neckline calls for a timeless accessory. Enter the tennis necklace, a string of individually set diamonds or gemstones that exude grace and sophistication. This style of necklace complements the clean lines of round and boat necklines, adding a touch of sparkle without overwhelming the simplicity of the neckline. Whether you're attending a formal event or a cocktail party, a tennis necklace effortlessly elevates your look.

A great way to try this style of necklace is by renting different pieces for a week from Trejours. You can steal the show at your next special event with a colorful rubies and diamonds tennis necklace, fit for a Queen. If you prefer to go with a classic diamonds only look, opt for a graduated eco diamonds tennis necklace

Pendants for Higher Necklines

Pendants are the chameleons of the necklace world, offering versatility to suit a variety of necklines. For higher necklines, consider a smaller, more delicate pendant. These understated pieces are perfect for the workplace or more formal events, adding a subtle touch of elegance without being too distracting. On the other hand, if you're flaunting a scallop-shaped neckline, opt for a heavier and larger pendant. This bold choice complements the intricate design of the neckline, creating a balanced and eye-catching ensemble. The versatility of pendants makes them a must-have accessory for any jewelry collection.

A great way to try this style of necklace is by renting different pieces for a week from Trejours. You can try an elegant and feminine flower diamond pendant in warm yellow gold, if you want to soften the look of a dark suit, or add a touch of gold to a neutral color or white tones outfit. If you want another feminine pendant with a classic, highly recognizable look, rent BULGARI Diva's Dream Pink Opal Pendant Necklace  and you will notice people looking at you differently. In a good way ;)

Layered Necklaces for Square Necklines

Square necklines are bold and contemporary, and the right necklace can enhance this modern aesthetic. Layered necklaces are an excellent choice for square necklines, creating a stylish and dynamic look. Choose chains of varying lengths and thickness to add dimension to your outfit. Whether you're headed to a casual brunch or a night out with friends, layered necklaces effortlessly complement square necklines, making a chic statement that's very much on trend.

A great way to try this style of necklace is by renting different pieces for a week from Trejours. You can try a geometric layered diamonds necklace which already has the layers built into it, or if you prefer softer lines, a layered pave cluster diamond necklace. 

As you explore the world of necklaces and necklines, remember that the key to a stunning look lies in understanding the harmony between your jewelry and your outfit. Whether it's a lariat necklace for a V-shaped neckline, a tennis necklace for a classic round or boat neckline, or a pendant for versatile elegance, the right choice can elevate your style to new heights. Experiment with these suggestions and discover the perfect necklace-neckline combinations that resonate with your personal style. Renting jewelry from Trejours is an affordable way to try different luxury jewelry styles without commitment, so that you can discover the wonderful world of fine jewelry.

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