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Date Night Fine Jewelry

Date Night Fine Jewelry: The Best Pieces to Rent for Your Next Date

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Date night is a time to dress up, have fun, and feel special. Whether you're going out for dinner, to the movies, or on a pub crawl, it's important to look your best. And what better way to do that than with some beautiful fine jewelry? In this blog post, we'll show you our top picks for date night fine jewelry. And if you've got your boo on the hook for many date nights in a week, you are more than welcome to raid our vault and borrow your favorite fine jewelry pieces. Girls, we've got you covered!

Getting Cozy at The Movie

When going to the movies, the main advice we need to remind you is to dress comfortably and fashionably. You'll still want to look cute, but you'll also want to have your quality time snuggling with your loved one and enjoying the movie. So, go for jewelry pieces that are comfortable to wear. For starters, put on layered yellow gold necklaces like our Double Chevron Diamond Necklace, combined with a unique Big Circle Diamond Pendant. For earrings, you'd want to wear smaller jewelry pieces that are still getting you the attention you deserve, just like our Double Drop Gold Earrings. To complete this cozy date night at the movie look, stack a few bangles and bracelets such as Diamond Pave Pyramid Bangle and Amazon Breeze Diamond Cushion Bracelet.

Romantic Dinner Dates

If you're going out for dinner at a restaurant, you'll want to dress up a bit more. Certainly, the jewelry selections should complement the dress you choose. But why not pick your hero jewelry first and decide which dress to go with it? For your hero jewelry, you'll want to show off your exquisite taste, such as Mabe Pearl and Diamonds Ring. You can go for more elegant and sophisticated pearl jewelry pieces to complete your look with our one-of-a-kind Zig Zag Pearl Earrings and Kabana Circle Pendant with Diamond. These pieces will make you look like a glamorous goddess, perfect for that romantic candlelit dinner date.

A Pub Crawl To Remember

What could be more fun than going on a pub crawl with your loved one? You get to dress up and enjoy a night out on the town, with plenty of opportunities to drink and dance to spark up the romance. And what better way to make it an unforgettable night than with some colorful jewelry?

For starters, put on a statement gold necklace like Paperclip Chain with Diamond and layer it with the beautiful Amethyst and Mother of Pearl Diamond Pendant. This will elevate your look and make you stand out in the crowd. For earrings, go for something that's eye-catching but still subtle, like our Panther Gemstone Earrings. And for the rings, go all out by borrowing our collection of colorful  rings: Blue Lapis and Diamonds Ring, Emerald Blonde Bezel Ring, and Tanzanite Tear Drop Ring.

Adventurous Date at The Amusement Park

If you're planning on going on a date at the amusement park, you'll want to wear something fun and adventurous, but comfortable enough for you to maintain your cool level. Our top picks for this type of date are playful and unique fine jewelry designs. In our jewelry inventory, you can find the fun classic solid gold Diamond Wire Choker Necklace. For earrings, you can rent this symbol of the good life, Grapes Drop Diamond Earrings. To make it even more fun and adventurous, stack all your favorite rings from our vault! We have the exquisite organic shape of the New Waves Diamond Band, the artistic Crushed Yellow Diamonds Flower Ring, and the famous Tiffany T Wire Ring.

Glamorous Opera Date

It's a special celebration of your relationship and you are going on a glamorous opera date. When going to the opera, obviously you will want to dress to the nines. Like any special occasion, it takes some time to plan your look and line up the accessories. It might be based on what opera will be performed or the style of the venue. Whichever way you're going, this is your chance to put a light on your sophisticated side with some beautiful and elegant jewelry pieces. So, get ready for the shiniest diamonds from our fine jewelry vault!

Build your jewelry set surrounding the statement piece that highlights your best feature. Let's say, you're wearing a dress with a gorgeous neckline. This mesmerizing Queen Victoria Mozambique Garnet and Diamonds Pendant can be your statement jewelry. To compliment that, add this pretty pair of Diamond Cascade Drop Earrings. And to complete your dramatic opera date night look, throw in elegant and intricate rings like Honeycomb Cocktail Ring and Royal Lace Ultimate Cocktail Ring.

Are you ready for your date night?

Let us help you get ready for your special romantic night. Wherever you're going to and whatever date night look you're going for, we have the perfect fine jewelry for you to borrow. The best thing is, you can change them up for the next date!

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