Who are we

Trejours Team

Trejours is the love child of a very unorthodox female jeweler, named Tanya Schnipper. She came up with the idea to offer women exactly the opposite notion of what the diamond industry had drilled in people’s minds for years – that fine jewelry (think diamonds and such) has to be Forever. Instead, she wanted to offer women an opportunity to “own” real jewelry for a while – and when tired of it, return it, and get something else.

Other jewelers saw an opportunity to list their fashion jewelry on Trejours as a way to get a new generation of customers, who wanted to experience the luxury of fine jewelry in an innovative and affordable way. So, after two years of hard work, Trejours was born – the no commitment jewelry rental marketplace, that unlocks the doors to a world previously reserved only for the rich and famous.

After all, it is every woman’s birth right to feel special and beautiful, both inside and out.

Tanya Schnipper, CEO of Trejours in New York
Tanya Schnipper, CEO

European chick, living the American Dream. Long time jeweler, whose borderline OCD has resulted in some of the industry’s dopest designs.

Royce Clement, Director of Marketing of Trejours
Royce Clement, Director of Marketing

Long Island City native, Royce is an avid sports fan, wine connoisseur, and a master of shavasana.

Dafina Ilieva, UX/UI Director of Trejours
Dafina Ilieva, UX/UI Director

Don’t be fooled by her tranquil blue scarf. Dafina has the fiery spirit of a Greek goddess. The coffee actually calms her down.

Dobromir Minchev, Head Developer of Trejours
Dobromir Minchev, Head Developer

Our beloved head developer, who labored many hours to create the Trejours platform from scratch. Proud owner of a beard.

Jenny Demetro, Creative Director of Trejours
Jenny Demetro, Creative Director

Creative genius and a mother, who has discovered the secret of never sleeping, yet staying alive and well.