Do you have a life? Try renting fine jewelry for your next special occasion – whether it’s a wedding, a baby shower, a date night, or somebody’s birthday. Stand out with genuine designer brand jewelry, and afterwards - send it back. Real jewelry shines very different from imitations. Get noticed.


Beyond something borrowed, something blue.

Rent anything from classic diamond jewelry and dressy chandelier earrings, to exquisite raw diamonds chokers and Cartier love bracelets. Rent one of a kind pearl jewelry in different shades of blush and pink, rich purple amethysts bracelets, and intriguing yellow diamonds cocktail rings, worthy of Hollywood red carpets.



Like a boss

Sometimes you have to literally show people who’s the boss, and what a better way to do it than with jewelry! The sparkle of diamonds has a very soothing effect on arrogant colleagues, and vintage Tiffany earrings have been known to hold their own during important presentations. Rent boss jewelry any time you wish.



No more pajama chic

Summer is coming! Catch the sun in cascading silver necklaces from French designer Frederic Duclos, and rake some compliments with bold and contemporary Italian drop earrings. Rent different jewelry for all your happy moods, and change it up every week.


Date night

Loser proof your life

Whether your goal is to make a great impression, or weed out certain men/women for whom there is no hope (like a Match date) - you can say a lot with your jewelry without uttering a word. Rent chic cocktail rings and elegant dangle earrings, and make a statement.



Time to celebrate

On your birthday you look great for yourself. On your friend’s birthday you look great because you have to. Either way, you have to look great. Rent designer couture jewelry and feel like you own the day.


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