What do you do with your stale fashion inventory?

You sell it at a discount so steep
you barely cover your cost

You look at it and cry

You sit on it for years
and rearrange it

We have a better solution!

One that will actually make you money.

What have you been doing up until now?

Bridal and custom

Beads and Fads

Buying gold and diamonds


Online competition and millenials

what is the future of brick and mortar stores?



We are a fully insured, secure online marketplace,
which connects our customers with
independent jewelers like you
to create revenue in an untapped market


List your slow moving fashion jewelry inventory
to generate sales and foot traffic to your store.
It's free to join.
Generate profits of up to 500% of wholesale value
Bring new, qualified customers to your store
Increase your online presence through Trejours aggressive marketing

How it works

In case of Loss or Damage
your jewelry is Fully Insured
Trejours covers full replacement value.

Targeted demographics of
affluent, financially independent women
in addition to
State of the art Identity Verification.

No Signup Fees, No Listing Fees,
No Hassle
You only pay a commission
upon collecting from a rental revenue.

We provide professional photography and
shipping supplies

What our existing vendors say