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I’ve been experimenting with different jewelry styles… trying to find my vibe. I like mixing up very modern Italian silver jewelry with more vintagey looking, yellow gold chains. Or layered necklaces. I like that eclectic, Boho gipsy kind of look. It’s fun, and it fits my budget.

LOVED these bracelets!! Wore them for my gf’s wedding, got a TON of compliments the whole day. Would 100% rent again!

Perfect bracelet to dress up my casual black dress for an evening out with the girls from work. Very playful, must admit I was having a good time flapping the tassels around with a cocktail in my hand

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This necklace rocks! The dark part is made of ebony - I had never seen ebony in my life before - so it's not heavy at all. I wore it long. Tried wrapping it twice around my neck, but in my opinion longer looks better. Made me look taller LOL

Renting from Trejours was a wonderful experience… to be able to wear platinum bracelet with ruby and diamonds that otherwise I wouldn’t even think about. I felt like a queen all night.

I am allergic to costume jewelry, so money wise, getting nice real jewelry has always been challenging. No, I can’t buy a 2000 dollar diamond cocktail ring, not with two young kids. But I have no problem renting it for 30 bucks for two weeks.

I can’t believe how seamless and easy it was to rent jewelry! I wanted to make a statement without going over the top, so I picked a beautiful deep blue lapis necklace with diamonds to go with my blue dress. As my husband nicely put it, I looked “exquisite”. The rental price is ridiculously low, I can’t even buy fake jewelry for the same money. Definitely worth it!

Came across Trejours when I was looking for “something borrowed” for my destination wedding. I picked the most beautiful pair of Art Deco style designer diamond earrings. The earrings were not heavy at all as I had worried, and I absolutely loved them!