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5 Days, 5 Fashion Styles to Wear Cartier Gold Bracelets

5 Days, 5 Fashion Styles to Wear Cartier Gold Bracelets

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When it comes to jewelry, some pieces are timeless, especially the big brand fine jewelry brands. Cartier bracelets, specifically the love bangle, are one of those pieces that will never go out of style. Since its launch in 1969 by the Italian jewelry designer, Aldo Cipullo, this love symbol quickly became a hit as a luxurious way to show the one who wore it was "locked in love".

Apart from the screwdriver-locks details, this fine piece of jewelry merits the symbol of love commitment. The classic design is made with 18k yellow gold and comes with a special vermeil screwdriver to unlock the bangle. Supposedly, at first, the bracelets could only be purchased in pairs as a present for each other and the screwdrivers needed to be surrendered to one another. It has been dubbed as "modern love handcuffs" for that reason alone.

The simplistic design with the incredible origin story made Cartier love bangle a must-have item among celebrities and elites. Remember that time when a teenage-aged Kylie Jenner went all out with this luxury jewelry piece, oh wait, PIECES? She stacked $40,000 worth of Cartier love bangles when attending the premiere of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" back in 2013. This bracelet then quickly became even more popular among the millennials.

If you're looking to show that you are "locked in love" or just to show off your luxury taste by wearing this piece, you are in the right place! Whether you're looking for a subtle look or something bolder, there's a way to wear Cartier bracelets every day! In the following article, our style experts at Trejours will walk through five different ways to stack Cartier bracelets and find your perfect everyday style.

Day 1: Effortless Casual Look

An easy and effortless look is the one we all want for a chill day. When you're in a chill mood, you can't go wrong in fashion with the classic white and jeans pairings. By not overwhelming the whole style with the outfit, accessorizing would be the key to showing some trendy fashion game. For the outfit, it's more on a low-key side and something that can be worn every day without too much fuss.

Cartier bracelet stack formula: all gold + bright-colored cord bracelet. First, put in a classic gold chain watch with a white dial as a foundation. Stack two pieces of gold bangles, including the Cartier love bracelet, and layer them with a gold chain bracelet. Last, add the bright and strong colored cord bracelet. Here, we are in the mood for a sexy red bracelet.

Day 2: Colorful Glam

You're in the mood to show your true color in a glamorous day look. This can be a great go-to fashion style when you have an important rendezvous in your day. Matching your outfit head to toe in the shades of your favorite color shows that you are aiming for perfection and have high standards. "I won't settle for less," this is how this look will portray you.

Cartier bracelet
stack formula: a pair of Cartier love bracelets in different sizes. Simple as that. But, you need to pay close attention to the details. Use gold as the main accent of your outfits like a brooch or buttons, right to the accessories like the links and locks of your bag or the buckle of your shoes. In this way, the Cartier gold bracelet will be the luxury item that ties all the golden details together.

Day 3: Sweet & Cute

Do you know one of those miraculous days when everything is aligned and you wake up feeling cute? This is the look for those days! Get the sweetest dress you have in your wardrobe and build your outfit from there. On summer days, all you need is just the dress in bright color with little cute details, really. On colder days, you might need to layer it up with a cardigan or faux-fur white coat.

Cartier bracelet
stack formula: a bangle and a thinner-width bracelet. That's it! You don't need much when your sweet self is the main show. The gold Cartier love bracelet will be the seal of a luxurious treat. The important note to take here is the other bracelet needs to also be in all gold, to not take over the main show.

Day 4: Elegant Chic

Got an important meeting to close your business deals? You'd want to take a look at this elegant chic style. A mix of classic and neutral colors with modern and minimalistic lines that enhance your elegance. Black and white is the contrast that never fails.

Cartier bracelet stack formula: gold bangle + diamond strand + black accent. The Cartier love bracelet is the timeless jewelry piece showing that you've stood the test of time. Add a strand of diamonds in a bangle or a tennis bracelet to give a shiny structure. Last, add a chain bracelet with black gemstone to accentuate your look.

Day 5: Bold and Free

Think of the adventure-filled days where you can go wild and free. Might be a night out celebrating yourself, or a random out-of-the-city girls-trip. Express your boldness through a rock'n'roll style. Leather jackets, ripped jeans, a casual shirt, and don't forget the cool shades. 

Cartier bracelet stack formula: all-you-can-put! Stack whatever jewelry you want or whatever you can find. The more the better! Chunky bangles, cord bracelets, charms, gemstones bracelets. Think of each bracelet as your adventure milestones, wear them and show them off!

Which Style To Go For Tomorrow?

Play and experiment with your fashion style as much as you want. If you're on a budget to get all the fine jewelry pieces to experiment... Well, we are here for you! At Trejours, you get to experiment every day with new styles and latest fashion trends by renting our fine jewelry, including the Cartier love bracelet. Add the Cartier love bracelet to your cart now before anyone else. Then browse our vaults to complete your bracelet stack!

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