Renting fine jewelry is easy, fast, fun, and affordable.
Browse jewelry for rent. Choose what you like, and reserve it for your event date.
We ship the jewelry to you for free. Wear it for your event, and experience luxury.
At the end of the rental period, return the jewelry with a pre-paid label.


Renting jewelry from Trejours is the perfect way to always have up to date luxury jewelry without the cost of owning it. Go beyond everyday jewelry and experience wearing one of a kind designer fine jewelry for your next special event. Discover an affordable way to always show up looking like a million bucks with new top designer jewelry every time.


  • 1000+ fine jewelry pieces
  • Rotating fine jewelry wardrobe
  • Free insured shipping to you and back
  • First rental is free
  • Jewelry cleaning included
  • Special price to buy jewelry you love


Frequently Asked Question

There are two ways to rent – Rent by the Day and Subscription Plan. If you need to rent jewelry for a special occasion, you can use Rent by the Day option, which allows you to rent up to three pieces of jewelry for one week. You get to pick the date when you want the jewelry. Shipping is free both ways.

If you are a jewelry addict, you can subscribe to our monthly Subscription plan. You simply choose three pieces of jewelry every month, and you get them delivered to your doorstep for free. After a month, you return the jewelry, and you pick three new pieces for the next month. First month is free, and there is no contract or any commitment involved.

All the jewelry on Trejours is authentic designer fine jewelry – which means genuine diamonds and gemstones, verified brand names, and top quality designs in gold, platinum or silver. Trejours does NOT carry costume jewelry for rent.

Well, if you have never been sized at a jeweler before, then you just don’t know. Here are some tips on most popular sizes for rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Ring size      4.5 - 5.75      Necklace size 14.5 – 16 inches      Bracelet size 6.25 – 7.25 inches

Ring size      6 - 8      Necklace size 16 – 18 inches      Bracelet size 7.25 – 8 inches

Ring size      8.25 – 9.5      Necklace size 18 – 22 inches      Bracelet size 8.25 – 9 inches

You can rent up to three pieces at a time with our Rent by the Day plan. If you need any additional jewelry, Trejours can certainly make arrangements for you – we want you to be happy. Feel free to send us a message at and arrangements will be made.

You can rent three pieces with our Subscription plan. You cannot get additional jewelry from your subscription, until you return the outstanding three pieces you borrowed. After we receive them, you can rent three new ones for the next batch.

The verification process is a precautionary step to make sure that Trejours is a safe marketplace for everyone. Every new customer gets vetted through a secure third party verification system. Every new vendor also goes through an extended verification process.

At the start of each rental, a deposit hold of $100 dollars is placed on the credit card you provided. The deposit hold is lifted after the jewelry arrives back and is received in good condition.

Trejours is a marketplace for independent jewelers and jewelry designers, who showcase their best fine fashion jewelry available for rent. All of Trejour’s vendors are selected based on the quality and originality of their jewelry.

All the listed jewelry is verified by Trejours’ gemologists for authenticity on brand and quality. Trejours does not allow counterfeit jewelry or jewelry made with materials which have not passed the Kimberly process (a process that makes sure gemstones do not come from conflict areas of the world)

You rate the merchant. You rate the jewelry. You rate the service. If you are happy and love the jewelry, let us know. If you are kind of iffy about it, let us know. If you don’t like it, definitely let us know. That’s the best way for us to know which jewelry styles to keep on our site. In return, the merchants will rate you based on whether you return the jewelry on time, and the condition of the jewelry (minor wear and tear is acceptable).

Trejours accepts all major credit cards. Services such as PayPal or Venmo are not available at this time.

Life happens, and plans change. Due to the fact that each piece of jewelry on Trejours is unique, and once reserved, it is not available to another customer for that period of time, cancellations can be accepted and refunded when made in advance, based on the following schedule:

- If you cancel your rental jewelry a month before it is scheduled to ship, you will receive 100% of the rental fee in a credit towards a future rental.
- If you cancel two weeks before the rental is due to ship, then you get 50% store credit that you can use towards another rental.
- If you cancel with less than a one week notice, you will receive 25% store credit to use towards another rental.

Please contact us at to make arrangements to reschedule your order.

When you order jewelry from Rent By The Day, you get to keep it for one week. If you love the jewelry and want to keep it longer, please go on our site and reserve it for another one week period – if it is available, of course. All the rental jewelry is on a first come, first serve basis. When you order jewelry from our Subscription plan, you keep the jewelry for a month. After one month you return the jewelry, and order your next batch.

Hey, when it’s love, it’s love. We get it. If you fall in love with a piece of jewelry, just shoot us a quick email and let us know. Trejours will contact the merchant on your behalf and negotiate a competitive price for you to consider, with no obligation.

The jewelry is delivered via USPS Priority Service. If you need expedited services, please contact us at

Shipping time is usually one to three days, depending on where you live.

Yes, you can. As a matter of fact, if you do, you’ll get a little present from the merchant as a way of saying Thank you for visiting.

When you rent jewelry for a special occasion with the Rent by the Day option, your rental period begins on the date that you choose on the jewelry calendar, and ends in one week. You will not get charged for the time during which the jewelry travels to you and back from you (shipping is free both ways). When you rent jewelry with a Subscription plan, you will receive it within three to five days after placing an order. The rental clock starts ticking on the first day when you receive the jewelry. You keep the subscription jewelry for 30 calendar days, then return it, and pick three new pieces for the following month.

Yes, the jewelry is fully insured during transit.

If the jewelry gets lost during transit, you will be refunded the rental fee in full back to your original method of payment. Trejours is not responsible for any indirect damages, that the lack of jewelry rental delivery has caused.

If there is any damage to the jewelry, please notify us immediately at For additional details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions for receiving jewelry.

Once the jewelry is in your possession, you take the responsibility of caring for it as if it were your own. Our standard insurance DOES NOT cover theft or loss, so you will be solely responsible for the replacement value of the rental if it’s lost or stolen.

Standard insurance covers accidental minor damage such as, but not limited to: a minor scratch on a gemstone, a popped out pave gemstone or diamond, scratches to the surface of the metal, bent parts, broken chain on a pendant, lost backing on an earring, broken post on an earring etc. Standard insurance does NOT cover major damage such as missing numerous gemstones, severe chips and deep scratches, chemical exposure that has caused surface damage (such as CLOROX or other household chemicals), family pet using the jewelry to sharpen its growing teeth, or running over the jewelry with your car.

Standard insurance comes automatically with your rental and is included in the rental fee. Trejours insurance covers the jewelry fully while in transit, and partially while it is with you. For more information, please refer to previous question What does the insurance cover?

Easy. Just put the rental jewelry back in the box it came in, attach the enclosed return label, and ship it back. Don’t worry about cleaning the jewelry, that’s all going to be taken care of when the jewelry arrives back to the vendor.

All of Trejours’ jewelry is one of a kind, and has its size listed in the product specifications section under the jewelry description. Please pay attention to the size that it comes in, because the jewelry cannot be custom sized for a rental. Once you receive the jewelry, you won’t be able to return it for a refund or an exchange, if the size doesn’t fit you.

Late returns affect the next person after you, so we frown upon it. When we frown, we get wrinkles. Those wrinkles have to be straightened out by a visit to a cosmetician. It becomes a big production. So, please, try not to be late. If you are late, there is a late fee. And if you are really, really late, and we don’t hear from you, we’ll assume that you got abducted by aliens, and the rental jewelry is somewhere in another galaxy. So we’ll charge your card for the replacement amount of the rental jewelry.

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