How it works


Why hoard fine jewelry? It’s a lousy investment. Period.

Fine jewelry goes out of style every few years, it’s costly to maintain, and prohibitively expensive to buy.

Rent it. Rent is the new Own. Rent the Precious!

Renting allows you to choose current or classic jewelry styles. Or we can choose for you. You can wear genuine, brand name, fancy designer jewelry, you know, the real stuff that the Lucky grown ups and Classy Instagram stars get to wear. You can change it up on a whim. And the best part? Pay only a few dollars per day for a couple of weeks. Like, that’s not even coffee money.


Your Mood = Your Style. What’s wrong with being moody, anyway?

Grab your phone, girlfriend. Experiment with new trends. Jump from jewelry fads to Tiffany classics. Be artsy and Boho one week, do pearls and diamonds the next. Go minimalist. Go bad and boujee. Create your own damn style.

Do whatever you want to do. The choices are limitless.

Oh, but you’re already styling with cheap fake jewelry? The one that falls apart the first time you wear it and turns your knuckles green? Yeah… Good for you. Let us show you what you’ve been missing.


Arrive in style… wherever the mood takes you. Life doesn’t have to be basic.

And when that mood is over, bye Felicia!

Wear, return, repeat. No strings attached. You don’t have to be married to your jewelry. Be random. Fine jewelry doesn’t have to be a bond for life. That’s 20 th century mentality and it smells like a grandma’s broach. Lose the golden shackles!

Have a jewelry affair – now that you can afford it!


Browse the collection



  • You have a special occasion? You’re bored? You’re blissfully vain? Who cares, you just want Fine jewelry without selling body parts to pay for it, for goodness’ sake!
  • Browse us. Ogle us. It’s ok. We have a big jewelry vault. Pick what you want.
  • Get up to three pieces of jewelry. Pick a date when you want them. Put the jewelry in your carte-purse.
  • Swipe your phone with your precious finger. Done. The jewelry is on its way to you.
  • Free Shipping! Insurance included so you don’t get a panic attack.
  • Keep the jewelry for two weeks. Rock it. Then send it back.
  • Repeat if you like. Or move on with your life. We’re all adults here.


  • You are a subscription junkie. Or one in the making.
  • You want a monthly fix of three jewelry pieces per month. You want to pay close to nothing for it. You get to choose the jewelry yourself. You are totally not a control freak, not at all, you just know what you like.
  • Different month, different jewelry. Rotating jewelry wardrobe. One ridiculously low fee. Yep!
  • No commitment. Cancel anytime. No hidden fees. Oh, and no fuss, who needs that…
  • Did we mention Free shipping and insurance?


  • Style challenged? You don’t say!... No one has to know you’re not a blue blood fashionista.
  • Browse curated jewelry sets, carefully selected by a real life Devil Wears Prada consultant, who only eats organic food for some reason.
  • If something hits you, don’t overthink it. Get. that. gorgeous. set. Life doesn’t have to be complicated.
  • Jewelry comes to you, instead of you going to the jewelry store. Isn’t that just magical?
  • Keep the jewelry set for two weeks. Return. Repeat if you like.
  • Free Shipping, baby! We’re good like that.