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Yellow Gold Jewelry vs White Gold Jewelry

White Gold Jewelry vs Yellow Gold Jewelry

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When it comes to choosing yellow gold jewelry versus white gold jewelry, it all boils down to a matter of personal taste. Whether it is jewelry for a special event, such as an evening gala or a wedding, or for daily wear, each color gold has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's explore the wonderful world of these different color gold jewelry.
Pure gold is naturally yellow and very soft, so when it comes to mainstream Western style jewelry such as fashion fine jewelry and couture jewelry, the most popular gold alloys are 10k gold, 14k gold and 18k gold.  Pure gold is 24k, so to make it more durable, it is mixed with additional metals. It is exactly those added metals in those alloys that change the color of the gold. For example, white gold is a mixture of pure gold with nickel, rhodium, and silver. Rose gold has a significant amount of copper added to it, which gives it its pink color. Yellow gold is simply "diluted" and as the purity goes down, the gold color gets softer and less saturated.
The price for gold is determined based on its purity, which is the karat and is not based on color. So when it comes to cost, the color of the gold is not a factor at all. But when it comes to fashion, the gold color becomes really important. Jewelry fashion goes through time periods when yellow gold is more popular, then white gold takes over, or rose gold shines for a few seasons. Previous fashions such as vintage and antique inspired jewelry styles, Art Deco jewelry styles, 70's inspired boho styles, 80's big hoops, and big gold chains, and anything in between get recycled with a new twist. 
In the last few years yellow gold jewelry has made a strong comeback as the current fashionable gold color. Yellow gold minimalistic style dainty chains, layered thin necklaces with dangles, small bezel set solitaire drop pendants, and elegant gold chokers are a very popular and trendy look. Same goes for stackable yellow gold rings, with or without diamonds and gemstones, that can be worn in different combinations to dress up any outfit. 
Another popular yellow gold look is layered Cuban links chains, solid and long, sometimes worn in a combination with a Y-shaped larriot necklace. How many necklaces can be worn at the same time? Ask Mr. T. If you get a kick out of looking like a Christmas tree, more power to you, but up to three chains usually does the trick. Wear them with a white or red top, and a lot of attitudes.
White gold is still the number one choice for bridal jewelry such as engagement rings, wedding bands, and diamond anniversary rings. One of the reasons is that usually that type of jewelry is made with diamonds, and diamonds show their sparkle and beauty much better in a white gold setting because the yellow tinge of the natural yellow gold does not interfere with the color of the diamond (the whiter the color of the diamond, the better the quality) Same rule applies to fashion diamond jewelry as well, such as diamonds by the yard necklaces, diamond drop earrings, diamond climber earrings, diamond cocktail rings, and fashion diamond drop necklaces. If you look at the classic diamond styles from Tiffany, Cartier, Bulgari, Van Cleef and Arpels, Doves, Gabriel Co, and Lux Bond And Green, there is a consistent theme of white gold and diamonds jewelry that continues to withstand the test o time. 
Generally speaking, white gold jewelry looks better on fair skin, and yellow gold jewelry looks better on a darker complexion. 
A lot of people confuse white gold with silver - they both look white. However, silver jewelry is much softer, and if not rhodium plated, it tarnishes and has to be polished every couple of weeks. There is a lot of brand name fashion silver jewelry with diamonds out there, such as heavier silver bracelets and bangles, and some more contemporary jewelry. Major jewelry designers such as Roberto Coin, David Yurman, Gabriel Co, Breuning, and Frederic Duclos, just to name a few, have signature jewelry collection featuring silver with diamonds, or silver with color gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.
Interestingly enough, white gold also needs to be rhodium plated once a year, so it can maintain its crisp white color. Once the plating wears off, the natural yellow gold tint starts to bleed out and the jewelry looks dull and slightly yellowish. So maintenance wise, white gold is a bit more of a pain to maintain in the long run. 
If you are not sure what is Your look, you can try both and see what you like best. Fine jewelry rental is a fun and affordable way to explore current fashion trends without the pricey financial commitment of buying the jewelry. And if you like both color gold, guess what? You can always mix white and yellow gold and wear them together. Imagine the possibilities.

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