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The Ultimate Guide To Spring Jewelry Styles

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This spring season is going to be special. People will finally go out after two grueling COVID years and bask in the scent of fresh flowers. Spring is a time of joy and festivities, when going out refreshes your senses.

Taking a look at our fashion guidebook for this year, trending spring jewelry styles complement this liveliness through versatility and elegance. Wearing fun jewelry is important, but don’t forget the timeless classics as well. Doing that not only satisfies your youthful senses, it also gives you a fresh boost that will last you the whole season.

However, spring arrives every year, fashion styles change, and buying new jewelry again isn’t a particularly impressive proposition. So, what’s a savvy way to go about wearing different styles of jewelry without breaking the bank? Trejours has got your back with our fine jewelry collection of both trendy and classic jewelry styles, that you can borrow anytime for a week (or a month) at very affordable rates.

Level Up Your Style with Necklaces & Chains

Necklaces and chains are excellent additions to your outfits, and can transform your spring jewelry game if you use them right. They could be effortless representations of your personality and add a touch of style, while emphasizing and flattering your features.

At Trejours, we have that in mind. We offer some of the best necklaces and chains for you on the fine jewelry market. For example, the Paperclip Chain with Diamond is unique and enhances your style, while staying minimalistic.

It has a soft glisten, which makes it stylish & catchy without going overboard. How many chains have you seen with a diamond set inside them? They are not too common, which makes this chain special.

It is 18” in length with a bezel set, and its lobster closure secures it effortlessly. With its 14 Karat yellow gold and diamond, the chain can blend seamlessly with any spring attire. The borrowing rate is ridiculously affordable at $8 per day.

If you are feeling a little fancier this spring, you ought to try the Evil Eye Diamond Necklace. Crafted out of 18k yellow gold, it features sparkling diamonds with a stunning turquoise stone in the center. It is surely an attention grabber, and the length of the chain is adjustable from 16” to 18”. The necklace rents for only $9.99 per day.

Butterflies are the essence of spring, so why not compliment your attire with the Double Butterfly Necklace. This necklace consists of a chain with two gorgeous butterflies hanging from it, one larger and one smaller. Made out of 18k white gold, it is a stunning piece to show off beautifully on your neckline.

Refresh Your Spring with Beautiful Rings

Women have been wearing rings for hundreds of years, and they’re still going strong. Cocktail rings, fashion rings, stackables, and fancy bands are the perfect accessories to wear both casually and on special occasions.

So, make sure to add some rings to your cart this spring from Trejours, where you can find a huge variety, and you can pick one (or more) according to your mood. If you are looking for a pop of color on your hand, there is nothing better than the Red Rubies Cluster Ring. It is a gorgeous ring with stunning pave red rubies set in black rhodium. The best part is that you can get it all for just $6.25 per day.

Although it is leaning towards a casual style, you can wear it on any occasion you want since its red color is universal and goes with a variety of outfits. A cluster of diamonds, portraying perfect contrast, surrounds the rubies.

Spring is a season of various colors and hues, and the Ivory Sky Diamond Cocktail Ring embodies that variety of nature. It represents the rainbow colors we witness during spring and refreshes our senses whenever we look at them. Get it today for $8.95 per day.

White mother of pearl and white topaz combine to create stunning visuals, and you cannot take your eyes off of it. Multiple white diamonds, surround the mother of pearl and topaz in a perfect diamond pave halo.

Nothing represents spring better than green, and with that in mind, Trejour offers a mesmerizing Lime Green Quartz Cocktail Ring. It soothes the eyes with contrasting lime green quartz and white sapphire accents. It is not your typical, traditional ring. It is bold and stylish; defining what modern accessories should look like. At just $6.45 per day, this ring can freshen your spring days, especially the rainy ones when you need a little pep.

The checkerboard pattern on lime quartz and satin finish on the sterling silver presents a perfect combination, countering the flashiness with a touch  of subdued matte elegance. Lime quartz is said to bring good luck to the wearer. It is also a proven mood lifter and provides instant energy whenever someone looks at it.

Elevate Your Fashion with Bracelets & Earrings

Your fashionable spring looks are incomplete without bracelets and earrings. You should add them to your daily outfits to celebrate the liveliness of spring. And Trejours, as always, provides you with exquisite jewelry pieces from the fine jewelry vault.

The Figaro Chain Bracelet in14k gold yellow gold, strikes the perfect balance between style and simplicity. The 8 inches long and 5mm wide bracelet has a lobster claw to secure it perfectly, so you can safely layer it with more bracelets if you choose to do so. The bracelet is a casual option, and goes great with jeans and a cute top. Rent it today for just $9.95 per day (for a minimum of a week).

If you are not a fan of gold, no worries, as Trejours has plenty of bracelets in 14k white gold as well. For example, the Adjustable Bolo Diamond Bracelet may be a perfect choice for you. It has a whopping one carat total weight of round diamonds, and features a bolo clasp, making it  super easy to wear. You can borrow it for just $6.35 per day for a minimum of seven days, versus buying it for $2500.

What about a single colorful earring to add some color to your regular styles? Trejours has a stunning bi-color Tourmaline Earring in store for you. It is a rectangular-shaped earring with a tourmaline stone pivoted in a scallop.

If you are looking for more elegant sparkle, you can try the Shamrock Diamond Earrings. These are inspired by antique, 19th-century design originating from England. Made of 18k white gold, they are truly stunning, and are surely a conversation-starter for any Irish lady. You can borrow them for just $5.50 per day, for a minimum of one week.

Get your Favorite Spring Jewelry Today!

Spring is already here and you cannot miss any more chance to experiment with your jewelry styles for this season. If you are undecided, remember that you can switch your fine jewelry pieces anytime you want. So, order your favorite jewelry pieces today and enjoy this spring with a newfound zest.

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