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What type of men buy fine jewelry?

What type of men buy fine jewelry?

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What type of men buy fine jewelry?

Decades of skilled advertising has imprinted on the collective women's psyche that a man should be able AND willing to buy them fine jewelry. Subsequently, most men are conditioned to get mild to serious palpitations every time they walk into a jewelry store. Years of experience selling fine jewelry to men funneled the complex male nature into six somewhat simplistic, but very, very true stereotypes.

- The Nearly Extinct, Magnificent, and Noble Dodo. He buys jewelry for his woman "just because". He actually knows what she likes... But... such men are endangered species. Like the bold eagle.

- The Good Guy. He respects his woman's important dates. Perhaps at some point he forgot an anniversary or a birthday, and got reminded about it, so he got an app and organized himself. Happy wife, happy life, he discovered. Jewelry as a gift is an easy winner.

- The Guilt Tripped Guy. This guy lives with his ears chewed up by a nagging mother in law who openly questions his worth as a man if he doesn't buy her daughter jewelry once and awhile. This poor soul gets subtle and not so subtle hints from his wife or significant other with casual mentions, shared favorites of diamond jewelry, and random pages of magazines casually displaying jewelry advertising - strategically positioned in the bathroom, of all places.

- The Get me out of the Dog House Guy. This guilty character is shamelessly buying his way back into his woman's good graces. Why? Because he probably messed up big time. So he chooses to keep the peace with jewelry bribes.

- The Sugar Daddy. This mature gentleman has no illusions, but a very solid bank account, and a flair for younger beautiful women. He knows diamonds' sparkle can make his silver mane (or whatever is left of it) turn into platinum in a heart beat, and he is milking it.

- The Cheepo. Now this is a lowly kind of a fella. Best to run away from him. He firmly believes in the one dimensional theory that jewelry has only one single purpose, which is to deprive him of his beer money. Let him go get his beer. Shu!

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