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What does your fine jewelry say about your personality?

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Fine jewelry is the ultimate accessory. Whether it is subtle and discreet, or bold and big, it sends a clear message as to who you are and what are you fighting for. 

Luxury jewelry says a lot about your personality. When you take away the price factor, which is easy to do by renting jewelry instead of buying it, the style of your jewelry can speak volumes to the person across from you. Here are some tips as to what kind of message does your jewelry convey to the rest of the world.

1.       You like dainty, minimalist, and very clean line fine jewelry. Lucky for you, this is what’s the latest jewelry style right now J Besides being fashionable, delicate looking jewelry carries a message of sophistication and refinement, with an accent on understated elegance. Yellow gold necklaces in a layered style suggest a Bohemian side of you, and the same goes for stackable thin bands or gold bangles. 
2.       You like big, bold, statement type fine jewelry, that speaks in no subtle terms. Your personality is vivacious and daring, and you are not afraid to show off. Big cuff bangles with intricate designs, large circle or freeform pendants with colored gemstones, diamond cocktail rings with domes, oversized geometric jewelry with open space design, are just some of the type of jewelry that you like to wear. Experimenting with different styles is easy when renting jewelry, so you can have a field day switching up from modern to Boho, or fusion type jewelry. 
3.       You like vintage inspired, romantic and flowery style of fine jewelry. A vintage Tiffany ring will make you not only appreciate the beauty of the ring, but also the history behind it. You are quite a romantic at heart, some even may say you are a girly girl J 
4.       You like brand name jewelry only. If it’s got Cartier, Tiffany, Bulgari, Van Cleef and Arpels, Roberto Coin, Gabriel or any other big jewelry designer name on it, you want it, and you want it bad. You display a Cartier Love bracelet the way hunters display their head trophies on the wall. You seem to enjoy the status symbol of the jewelry just as much as the jewelry itself, the same way men proudly wear their Rolex watches. You are very brand conscious person, and some evil tongues may even call you a snob, rather than a person of great taste.
5.       You like classic fine jewelry. Not to be confused with basic jewelry, but rather jewelry with clean lines, and a timeless look that is not tied up to the fashion of the day. You are an aristocrat at heart, and have somewhat of a conservative mindset. 
6.       You like bright colors and a lot of gemstones. Vivid pink, red, orange or blue gemstones grab your eye and capture your interest, especially if there are some diamonds thrown in the mix, too. You’re a vivacious and naturally cheerful person, and you love attention. 
7.       You like subdued, pale colored gemstones. A variety of white gemstones, opalescent colors, mother of pearl jewelry, light peach colored morganite jewelry, and of course diamonds, are your go to jewelry. You have a refined and subtle taste, and you don’t need to be in the center of attention or in a busy setting. You are great for a deep one on one conversation, where a person can see all the nuances of your personality – and your jewelry.

Not sure which style is yours? Try renting different types of jewelry so you can affordably discover your own unique look. You might be surprised. 

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