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Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Rent Fine Jewelry Instead of Buying It

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For many years, advertisers have drilled into people’s heads some serious lies about fine fashion jewelry. A diamond is forever. Fine jewelry is an investment. Make expensive jewelry an heirloom. Give birth to a baby so you can get diamond earrings or a luxury gemstone necklace as a push gift (yes, there is such a thing as a push gift, Google it.) Serve several decades of marital bliss or agony, to get an anniversary band, which could have doubled as a fancy diamond cocktail ring if you were not so close to your death bed by the time you received it. 

The truth is that a diamond is not forever, neither the designer ring mounting that it is set in, and jewelry buying is the crappiest investment ever. Luxury fine jewelry becomes an heirloom, because you only have two kidneys to spare and you don’t feel like selling one for the sake of fancy jewelry. Having to go through childbirth to get diamond earrings requires a pretty solid commitment as well. What’s a girl to do?

Short of getting a sugar daddy, there is a new option to afford fine jewelry that is quickly becoming the Uber of the jewelry world. Borrowing jewelry, or renting jewelry, is the hottest millennial trend right now. Here are ten very good reasons, why you, too, should borrow jewelry (assuming you are not filthy rich and wipe your dog’s paws with crumbled hundred dollar bills)

10. It’s dirt cheap. Starting at as little as one dollar a day, you can borrow designer gold jewelry with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds… you get the point. So, for twenty bucks you can look like royalty for two weeks. Not bad.

9. It’s convenient. You can rent jewelry right from your smartphone. It gets to you whenever you want it, so you can order it on a whim or for a special event. And the shipping is FREE, people. 

8. There is a ton of jewelry variety. Boring is the new chic, said no woman ever. You can choose from modern style diamond jewelry, contemporary fashion styles, vintage Tiffany rings and bracelets, colorful gemstone earrings and necklaces, latest trend drop earrings, minimalist or Boho designs, and custom made one of a kind jewelry pieces. 

7. All the jewelry is genuine designer brands. Guaranteed. For fifty bucks you can wear a real yellow gold Cartier Love Bracelet, not some cheap knockoff that still smells like a street hustler’s perfume and sweat, and turns your wrists some wicked shades of crap green. On a side note, the retail price of a Cartier Love Bracelet is six thousand dollars. 

6. There is NO COMMITMENT. You take what you like, wear it, then return it. If you want to do it again – ok. If you don’t want to do it again – ok. No contract, no strings attached, no BS. 

5. It’s guilt free, instant gratification. You crave beautiful jewelry just like you would crave ice cream on a hot day, and that’s normal. You are a human after all. Few women have walked out after dishing out several thousand dollars for a pretty necklace without feeling guilt deep in the bottom of their stomachs. Well, no buyers’ remorse here!

4. You will get noticed more. Genuine designer jewelry has a certain look to it that captures the eye, even of those who are normally clueless if your head is missing or not. A stunning diamond ring can work as a magic wand at an important presentation. Well chosen pearl necklace can convey a certain message, the same way statement earrings can captivate an audience. The world gets impressed by perceived status, and if fine jewelry is not a good way to demonstrate such status, then a Ferrari is just a humble mode of transportation.

3. You will leave a smaller footprint on the planet. Borrowing jewelry instead of hoarding it is a much more environmentally friendly option.

2. You don’t have to do any maintenance. Fine jewelry is expensive to buy, and expensive to maintain as well. Wear and tear, repairs, sizing, missing or chipped stones, additional insurance – these all come with the territory of long term ownership. With renting jewelry you don’t have any of these worries.

1. You will always be stylish. And YOU will know it.                                                                                                                                     

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