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A woman’s best friend. 

Who could ever go wrong with buying a few shiny overpriced baubles here and there? Well, right now, just about any person affected by the pandemic reality. While it does touch the heart to receive a beautiful bracelet, ring or necklace from a loved one, there wouldn’t really be a point to purchasing fine accessories at the present moment. It’s a horrible investment.

However, the idea to rent designer jewelry on an as needed basis is a savvy option to mull over before setting your sights onto something. So, before you list down all the jewelry you plan to line up when this is over, you might want to read up and see what else you could get for your buck jewelry-wise.

Diamonds, Gold and Silver Jewelry as an Investment

People have a notion that they could have an emergency fund when they buy jewelry. But is this really the case? 

No, no and no. Even though you can sell your fine jewelry, this is in no way a substitute for a stable and secure savings account or market investments. Over time, gold and silver do increase in value, however, that is not a given either. And the thing you pay for the most in jewelry, which is the labor to create it, is what you get literally nothing for when selling it on the second hand market. Trying to sell second hand jewelry isn’t easy, especially when the market is oversaturated with sellers, and there are very few buyers.

Think of it this way, there are hundreds of thousands of other people who are thinking the exact same thing. That means, if you were to sell your treasures, you would need to sell your jewelry for scrap value. Pawning your fine jewelry is also out of a question, you get close to nothing for it and a dose of humiliation to last you a lifetime. 

This makes fine jewelry in no way a good thing to invest in. Still, women love jewelry.

What’s so special about fine jewelry?

Not only is fine jewelry classy, but it gives you more appeal. Accessories also speaks bounds of who you are as a person. Some even say that it introduces you even before you speak.  In formal occasions and events like prom night or weddings, they are the most appropriate thing to wear if you want to stand out, or if you feel like your outfit needs that last finishing touch. 

Fine jewelry also work well with formal attire but if your work doesn’t really call for you to do so, you’re better off without. But what if you have a special event you have to attend to and you want to dress up? Ever thought of renting jewelry?

Reasons for Rentals

First and foremost, rented jewelry comes at a tiny fraction of the retail cost. That means a considerably lesser amount versus how much you would spend if you had bought it. On top of that, you won’t need to worry about maintaining and cleaning your jewelry. But the best part is, you don’t have to be married to your jewelry for life - because let’s face it, after a few years the fashion changes, and jewelry becomes outdated. Did we mention that it’s a bad investment?

If you’re looking to accessorizing yourself with jewelry for a short amount of time, renting jewelry would be the best route to take. This is especially the case if you wish to attend a one-time event such as a wedding, a business dinner, formal party or just want to show off at a cocktail party. With a convenient jewelry rental service and free delivery anywhere in the US, Trejours jewelry rentals solves this problem and gives you luxury jewelry at a price that anyone can afford.

What to expect when renting jewelry?

In the end it boils down to when you need the jewelry, what you want to rent out, how long you plan to rent it for and how much your budget is. Besides the option to rent for a special event, the customer is also given an option to get a monthly subscription of three pieces of jewelry, and change them up every month. 

Trejours select vendors have excellent reputation and offer customers 100 % authentic designer jewelry to rent. A mutual review system is also used to establish trust between vendors, and customers renting the jewelry. And if a customer falls in love with a piece they rented, they are always welcome to purchase it at a special price reserved only for Trejours members. 

Shipping is free both ways, and insurance is included for a piece of mind.  The customer rents the jewelry, receives it at their doorstep, and after a week drops it back in the mail with a prepaid label. It’s simple, easy, convenient, and there are no strings attached. At the end of the day, Trejours puts luxury within reach of everyday women. 

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