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Rent is the New Own

Rent is the New Own

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Rent is the New Own

These days life is all about experiences.  The more experiences, the better. The more unusual they are, the better. And the more pragmatic and affordable they are, the better. 

It seems with only one life to live (and a corresponding paycheck) our best bet is to taste the fine things in life and live long enough to talk about it. That’s where the concept of renting jewelry comes along. 

Aside from grandma’s beloved ring that you don’t think is completely hideous because she gave it to you on her dying bed to cherish, let’s just go ahead and admit it. Jewelry is not an investment. It just seems like one when married guys are searching for a push gift, or an anniversary gift, or a get me out of the dog house gift. But it’s solely the jewelry’s price tag that can only be justified as, well, an investment. Some long-term survivors of matrimonial bliss would say it’s more of a psychological coping mechanism, a reminder to the other person that they are still willing to go the extra mile. Either way, what a horrible way to own fine jewelry for life! Guilt! Excuses! Heart attack inducing price tags! Who needs all this drama, people? 

What if you could instead pick and choose fine jewelry that you would only wear for a special occasion, or with a special dress (also rented) and after the special is over, you never have to wear it again, let alone do pricey maintenance? Or how about if you want to try out a funky diamond look that is popular at the moment, but would look outrageously dated three years from now? And, let’s not forget, wearing a variety of fine jewelry is an easy way to impress some people, should that be important to you and if you have the audience to entertain.

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