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Love is Everywhere Equestrian Pendant

Jane A Gordon: Jane Gordon Jewelry

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Playful equestrian silver and gold necklace with diamonds. One might not notice at first that the horse is in the shape of a heart. The message is that what you look for is what you find.

- If you think everyone is lying to you, you put yourself in a world of liars.
- Look for the best in everyone. if someone is 10% good, and you search for that 10%, you just put yourself in a 10% better world by finding it. In my experience if you look for the best in someone, they will try to show you their best.
- Look for the best in every situation, and even in apparent crisis you will find opportunity and success.

On the back "Love is Everywhere"

Approximate size is 2.1" high x 1.46" wide

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