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Karma Chain Necklace: 18K Gold with Ripples of Diamonds

Jane A Gordon: Jane Gordon Jewelry

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The Butterfly Effect is a mathematical model of the universe showing we are so connected that if a butterfly flap its wings in The Amazon, in as little as two weeks the air currents it creates could cause a storm in Chicago. If we are so connected physically, how connected are we spiritually? How does every cruelty or kindness resonate out? In this way, your power to change the universe is immense. Be careful and kind, always, with your astonishing power.

Diamonds inside ripples represents the resonance of a pebble dropped into a pond. Remember: What we do to/for others, we do to/for ourselves.

Karma Chain Diamond Necklace is 18K yellow gold, with approximately 18-20 pts G-VS diamond stations, every 1.5 inches. Chain length adjustable, about 16 or18 inches long.

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